In this new episode of Ask John Anything, I answer Peggy’s question about selling these works on the web.
Should I sell in an online gallery like Artmajeur?
Create your website on Wix or create your own website?


Hello John, so first of all I thank you for your DVD, because frankly it is great. I started watching and
I’m glad. Today my question concerns the sites for selling paintings. So, I would like to put some of my paintings
on Artmajeur or Wix. I wanted to have your advice by comparing these two sites. Otherwise I thought I would create my own website myself with my own domain name but, well,
I know it will me cost much more. I might go with an agency, so I hesitate a little bit. If you can inform me about this subject it would be great.

See you soon.


Hello Peggy and thanks for your question!
So I’ll clarify the subject a bit before answering your question because Artmajeur and Wix are very different things.

So Artmajeur, is an online gallery in which you can put your works. You can put as many works as you wish but only 10 works are visible. So each new work in fact replaces the previous. This limitation can be waived by paying €5 per month and it seems to me that for €10 per month you can create your Artmajeur website. So to have your site and distribute as many photos as you want will cost €15 per month, if I’m not mistaken.

Nethertheless, I have been a member of Armajeur for years now, I’ve always had a free account and about 6 months ago I got an account so at €5 a month to see first how it is in terms of sales and exposure. I put a lot of paintings on there so I can measure of the impact… And the result is not at all conclusive for me because even though I get a lot of visits to my paintings, I sell nothing on this site. I think it is especially artists who visit the site and not the art lovers seeking to acquire a work. And that, that changes everything!

So I obviously recommend a free account to show your work off for free and get some exposure. Being seen is always interesting for us artists. After. If you want to be seen, there are free solutions of which the most valuable is Pinterest for example. Regarding websites with Artmajeur, I wouldn’t advise it because for me this type of thing is too limited to be able to do something adequate and be able to sell works. To sell works on your site, you must have a great one! Well-researched, well thought-out with a well made shop, a newsletter, good SEO etc. In short, a real site made for the sale of artwork which is something a bit particular. We will speak more about this later. If your site is badly done, potential customers will go elsewhere or simply won’t find your site. Remember that customers need to have confidence when they get ready to pay online. Especially on sites like ours which are not big stores like Amazon etc.

Now Wix

Wix, it’s another thing, this is not an online gallery like Artmajeur. Wix, and by the way there are other platforms in the same genre such as Jimdo for example, which allow you to create a site relatively easily without great knowledge. But it remains limited and is dependent on their platform unlike the free CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc. In other words, if you leave Wix, you don’t have anything! In short, for me this type of thing is is to avoid! Because in addition to being ultra limited. you’re not even the owner of your site You can read reviews of customers who are at WIX, notably on Facebook, they are not nice!

Now a real site.

Yes for me what we just talked about are not real sites. This just allows you to have a presence online. So actually a real site will cost an arm and a leg if you do it through an agency. Prices for a site like mine, quickly rise to €10,000. It is reserved to those who have the budget. When you are an artist there is rarely €10,000 to put in a web site! But we can do it totally on our own! That’s what I did! And when I started, I knew nothing at all! I spent a lot of time to learn all of this but now I am a true pro!

If we start, this is not in reality very complicated to do, especially now. The CMS developers and hosting companies do most of the work and everything installs quite easily. The updates are also only a click away. The solution is totally professional, everything is well done and it can be 100% free if you wish. Once set up, the design of the pages, menus etc. still need to be done, but you will need to do it in any case. Well I will not hide the the fact that it is still work but this will be your site, you don’t depend on anyone, and especially the development opportunities will have nothing to do with the solutions we referred to above. WordPress for example is constantly evolving, the CMS improves, the applications also. In short, your site is scalable and remains at the forefront of advanced features and design If you put in a little effort. Feel free to visit the site Artmajeur and mine to compare what separates a real site and a fake site with a ready-made solution such as Artmajeur or Wix.

Now the rates! A site like mine will only cost you about €5 per month, with hosting and the domain name included! In fact it’s practically free! The only thing is that it takes a little bit of work to design.

Incidentally, because you’re not the only one to ask me this kind of question, I’m going to create a training for artists that want to create a website like mine where I’ll explain everything from A to Z by building a site in front of you. If you simply want to do the same thing as me then click here where I will tell you to how to have a true professional site for almost nothing! And so you can sell your art effectively. I will tell you soon, at the same time as the launch of a new site that I am preparing, which will be accompanied with a new show on Youtube! I have already mentioned this topic. It’s all moving quietly. When this training will be ready I will put the link in the description of this video for those who are interested.

I hope that I have answered your question well, that it will it help your choice and that this will also help others artists.

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