Hey guys, it’s John!

Hope everyone are well, Today, I would like to introduce you to my new show who will be broadcasted every Friday « ASK JOHN ANYTHING » The concept of this one is super easy! you can ask me anything! And I will do my best to answer! Of course your question must be related to the world of paint. Don’t try one about car or mechanics 😉

So, how ask me your question ? Well, I guess it can be more fun for the show if you ask me this one by video, in that way, it will be more attractive and the best to meet each other and always nice to promote your instagram account on my show

Ok, so 3 steps to ask me your question :

Stap 1: you follow me and post your video on instagram
Step 2: you tag me @johnbeckleyart

Step3:  add the hashtag : #AskJohnAnything in the video’s description
That’s it!
I will then selection one question every week and do my best to answer with the aim to create a few minutes show
Let’s do it and see you next friday
All the best