Hi John,
I’m also John, I’m a mentalist magician, I really like your work.

Congratulations you’re creating very beautiful works. So I had a quick question, I also do a little bit of painting in my spare time.
How did you get the ideas to make this or that canvas?
Do you prepare your painting by drawing them beforehand?
Do you think about it before?
Do you do a light sketch first to get an idea
of what you’re doing?
Or is it that it just comes to you
just like that?
Naturally and you let your imagination run riot?
So there, is it deliberate
or is it at random like you go with the flow?
And the same goes for the colors, do you
decide upstream the colors that you’ll use
saying you want to play more with
these colors?
Or is that instead you let
your imagination riot, you let the colors
run on the canvas however you want?
In any case bravo, you have my congratulations
for what you’re doing, it’s always super cool.


Hi John,
Thanks for your question!
Before I answer you, I must break into a
point about the show because I
have been contacted by several people who
including you who told me they don’t have an
Instagram account!
So instead you can send your video
using WETRANSFER which is
a site that allows you to transfer large
You can send me your questions to my email
Now how do I find
my ideas for paintings.
In fact, I have several methods and ways
I can use.
But before answering on my ways of
doing it you should know that the more you paint
the easier it will be, it’s like when you compose a song.
So the first thing to do is to paint.
Why does it get easier?
Because when you paint you get
ideas coming that you won’t
necessarily use in the painting that you are working on, but this idea will come back
to you when you
start a new painting.
So the more you make paintings the more ideas
you will have.
Good. Otherwise you have my methods.
So my favorite way to start
is with nothing prepared, that’s how I
feel the most free and so I’ll allow
my mood to guide me.
I think it’s also the way that’s the most
But it’s true that this is not the most simple way
when you’re a beginner because we’re
quickly blocked by technical problems,
the choice of the colors etc, that will break the rhythm of the composition.
And so it’s on my second method
where I’m going to intervene.
My second way of doing it is to think
about what I’m going to paint.
In this case I can do it in my head
I’m a bit lazy and I don’t want
to make a sketch.
I imagine what I want, the composition,
the shapes, the colors etc and I’m trying to
commit but often I’ll allow myself to go
with my feelings.
My third way is one of the ways that
allowed me to create my style.
I take inspiration from one of my previous paintings
and try to improve it, and retain
the best parts of this painting and I try to create a new painting from these ideas.
It’s a good way to create your style and
to know where to start.
Finally, the last way to is to simply
reproduce one of my paintings when a
customer orders some similar work.
In this case I’m going to make a painting in
the same style and in the same spirit.
Trying similar although not identical methods
so that the painting is still unique
It’s no secret that this isn’t
my favorite way.
In this case the goal is to make the person
who will acquire the painting happy not to
make me happy.
Well it’s all good for abstract painting,
but you may have noticed that I also
have more figurative works.
This is different.
In this case I’m prepare much more, I
make sketches, collages, photos etc.
For the color I still proceed on instinct.
I choose colors based on the previous,
my mood, feelings, what I want to transmit
through my work and what I want other people to feel.
But be aware that it also comes with
With practice you will instinctively choose
colors that go well together according to
what we feel or we want the viewer to
What may be interesting is to learn
the theory of color, maybe it will help you a lot
in the beginning, it will allow you to
know what colors to choose very easily
so it blends together every-time.
Well after it’s also good to detach
from all this theory.
Going off-road is more risky but
it’s so much fun!
So there you go, I hope that I have answered
your question.
For those who would be interested I have
put the link to Johns website in the description.
He is mentalist magician and what he does
is quite impressive.
Thanks for watching this video.
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  1. Abel
    Abel says:

    Hey John I recently been interested in your dedication to painting I was wondering what made you decide to make that your brand? I read that your main interest was music, what steered you away from producing? If you still produce would you point me in the right direction to get some of your tunes?

  2. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Hi John, I have to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of abstract art. I’m really beginning to appreciate your work and the fluid pouring methods I’ve been watching. I really like your paintings. Keep up the stunning creativity.

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